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In Optics express

Optical diffraction tomography is an effective tool to estimate the refractive indices of unknown objects. It proceeds by solving an ill-posed inverse problem for which the wave equation governs the scattering events. The solution has traditionally been derived by the minimization of an objective function in which the data-fidelity term encourages measurement consistency while the regularization term enforces prior constraints. In this work, we propose to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) as the projector in a projected-gradient-descent method. We iteratively produce high-quality estimates and ensure measurement consistency, thus keeping the best of CNN-based and regularization-based worlds. Our experiments on two-dimensional-simulated and real data show an improvement over other conventional or deep-learning-based methods. Furthermore, our trained CNN projector is general enough to accommodate various forward models for the handling of multiple-scattering events.

Yang Fangshu, Pham Thanh-An, Gupta Harshit, Unser Michael, Ma Jianwei