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In Optics express

We propose a deep learning computational ghost imaging (CGI) scheme to achieve sub-Nyquist and high-quality image reconstruction. Unlike the second-order-correlation CGI and compressive-sensing CGI, which use lots of illumination patterns and a one-dimensional (1-D) light intensity sequence (LIS) for image reconstruction, a deep neural network (DAttNet) is proposed to restore the target image only using the 1-D LIS. The DAttNet is trained with simulation data and retrieves the target image from experimental data. The experimental results indicate that the proposed scheme can provide high-quality images with a sub-Nyquist sampling ratio and performs better than the conventional and compressive-sensing CGI methods in sub-Nyquist sampling ratio conditions (e.g., 5.45%). The proposed scheme has potential practical applications in underwater, real-time and dynamic CGI.

Wu Heng, Wang Ruizhou, Zhao Genping, Xiao Huapan, Wang Daodang, Liang Jian, Tian Xiaobo, Cheng Lianglun, Zhang Xianmin