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In Frontiers in oncology

Objective: To investigate whether pre-treatment CT-derived radiomic features could be applied for prediction of clinical response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) in locally advanced cervical cancer (LACC). Patients and Methods: Two hundred and seventy-seven LACC patients treated with NACT followed by surgery/radiotherapy were included in this multi-institution retrospective study. One thousand and ninety-four radiomic features were extracted from venous contrast enhanced and non-enhanced CT imaging for each patient. Five combined methods of feature selection were used to reduce dimension of features. Radiomics signature was constructed by Random Forest (RF) method in a primary cohort of 221 patients. A combined model incorporating radiomics signature with clinical factors was developed using multivariable logistic regression. Prediction performance was then tested in a validation cohort of 56 patients. Results: Radiomics signature containing pre- and post-contrast imaging features can adequately distinguish chemotherapeutic responders from non-responders in both primary and validation cohorts [AUCs: 0.773 (95% CI, 0.701-0.845) and 0.816 (95% CI, 0.690-0.942), respectively] and remain relatively stable across centers. The combined model has a better predictive performance with an AUC of 0.803 (95% CI, 0.734-0.872) in the primary set and an AUC of 0.821 (95% CI, 0.697-0.946) in the validation set, compared to radiomics signature alone. Both models showed good discrimination, calibration. Conclusion: Newly developed radiomic model provided an easy-to-use predictor of chemotherapeutic response with improved predictive ability, which might facilitate optimal treatment strategies tailored for individual LACC patients.

Tian Xin, Sun Caixia, Liu Zhenyu, Li Weili, Duan Hui, Wang Lu, Fan Huijian, Li Mingwei, Li Pengfei, Wang Lihui, Liu Ping, Tian Jie, Chen Chunlin


CT, locally advanced cervical cancer (LACC), neoadjuvant chemotherapy, radiomics, response prediction