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In Nurse education in practice ; h5-index 36.0

Debate has been shown to develop critical thinking skills, enhance communication, and encourage teamwork in a range of different disciplines, including nursing. The objective of this study was to explore students' perceptions of the educational value of debate. A semi-structured focus group was conducted with 13 undergraduate Operating Department Practice students following a debate on the opt-out system of organ donation. Transcripts were analysed thematically, identifying three main themes that described the students' perceptions of the debate. These were: (1) openness to diverse viewpoints; (2) developing non-technical skills, and (3) encouraging deep learning. The analysis showed participants perceived debate to be a valuable educational method that enhanced their learning. Engaging in debate encouraged students to critically reflect on their prior beliefs about organ donation-in some cases leading them to reconsider their original position. The findings from this study suggest that debate can be a valuable pedagogical tool to incorporate into healthcare education. Future research should consider the use of debate to develop non-technical skills that have utility in healthcare.

Rodger Daniel, Stewart-Lord Adéle


Debate, Education, Healthcare professionals, Organ donation, Qualitative