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In IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence ; h5-index 127.0

Hyperparameters are numerical pre-sets whose values are assigned prior to the commencement of a learning process. Selecting appropriate hyperparameters is often critical for achieving satisfactory performance in many vision problems such as deep learning-based visual object tracking. Yet it is difficult to determine their optimal values, in particular, adaptive ones for each specific video input. Most hyperparameter optimization algorithms depend on searching a generic range and they are imposed blindly on all sequences. In this paper, we propose a novel dynamical hyperparameter optimization method that adaptively optimizes hyperparameters for a given sequence using an action-prediction network leveraged on continuous deep Q-learning. Since the observation space for visual object tracking is significantly more complex than those in traditional control problems, existing continuous deep Q-learning algorithms cannot be directly applied. To overcome this challenge, we introduce an efficient heuristic strategy to handle high dimensional state space and meanwhile accelerate the convergence behavior. The proposed algorithm is applied to improve two representative trackers, a Siamese-based one and a correlation-filter-based one, to evaluate its generality. Their superior performances on several popular benchmarks are clearly demonstrated.

Dong Xingping, Shen Jianbing, Wang Wenguan, Shao Ling, Ling Haibin, Porikli Fatih