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In JMIR medical education ; h5-index 0.0

Health care is evolving and with it the need to reform medical education. As the practice of medicine enters the age of artificial intelligence (AI), the use of data to improve clinical decision making will grow, pushing the need for skillful medicine-machine interaction. As the rate of medical knowledge grows, technologies such as AI are needed to enable health care professionals to effectively use this knowledge to practice medicine. Medical professionals need to be adequately trained in this new technology, its advantages to improve cost, quality, and access to health care, and its shortfalls such as transparency and liability. AI needs to be seamlessly integrated across different aspects of the curriculum. In this paper, we have addressed the state of medical education at present and have recommended a framework on how to evolve the medical education curriculum to include AI.

Paranjape Ketan, Schinkel Michiel, Nannan Panday Rishi, Car Josip, Nanayakkara Prabath


algorithm, artificial intelligence, black box, continuing education, curriculum, data sciences, deep learning, machine learning, medical education