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In Journal of neurosurgery ; h5-index 64.0

Neuroendovascular surgery and interventional neuroradiology both describe the catheter-based (most often) endovascular diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions affecting the brain and spinal cord. This article traces the evolution of these techniques and their current role as the dominant and frequently standard approach for many of these conditions. The article also discusses the important changes that have been brought to bear on open cerebrovascular neurosurgery by neuroendovascular surgery and their effects on resident and fellow training and describes new concepts for clinical care.

Riina Howard A


AI = artificial intelligence, AVF = arteriovenous fistula, AVM = arteriovenous malformation, CT = computed tomography, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation, cSDH = chronic subdural hematoma, review, stroke, vascular disorders