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In Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society ; h5-index 0.0

This paper investigates the global exponential synchronization problem of delayed memristive neural networks (MNNs) with reaction-diffusion terms. First, by utilizing the pinning control technique, two novel kinds of control methods are introduced to achieve synchronization of delayed MNNs with reaction-diffusion terms. Then, with the help of inequality techniques, pinning control technique, the drive-response concept and Lyapunov functional method, two sufficient conditions are obtained in the form of algebraic inequalities, which can be used for ensuring the exponential synchronization of the proposed delayed MNNs with reaction-diffusion terms. Moreover, the obtained results based on algebraic inequality complement and improve the previously known results. Finally, two illustrative examples are given to support the effectiveness and validity of the obtained theoretical results.

Cao Yanyi, Cao Yuting, Guo Zhenyuan, Huang Tingwen, Wen Shiping


Delayed memristive neural networks, Global exponential synchronization, Pinning control technique, Reaction–diffusion terms