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In Frontiers in neurorobotics ; h5-index 0.0

Object recognition in containers is extremely difficult for robots. Dynamic audio signals are more responsive to an object's internal property. Therefore, we adopt the dynamic contact method to collect acoustic signals in the container and recognize objects in containers. Traditional machine learning is to recognize objects in a closed environment, which is not in line with practical applications. In real life, exploring objects is dynamically changing, so it is necessary to develop methods that can recognize all classes of objects in an open environment. A framework for recognizing objects in containers using acoustic signals in an open environment is proposed, and then the kernel k nearest neighbor algorithm in an open environment (OSKKNN) is set. An acoustic dataset is collected, and the feasibility of the method is verified on the dataset, which greatly promotes the recognition of objects in an open environment. And it also proves that the use of acoustic to recognize objects in containers has good value.

Jin Shaowei, Liu Huaping, Wang Bowen, Sun Fuchun


acoustic features, interactive perception, kernel k nearest neighbor, object recognition, objects in containers, open environment