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In Magyar onkologia ; h5-index 0.0

Systematic, structured and longitudinal collection of realtime Big Patient Data and the analysis of aggregated diagnostic, therapeutic and therapy response data of onco-hematologic patients leads to the development of nationwide dynamic disease registries providing a platform for medical, health industrial and data science research, hospital and health insurance cost analysis, measurement of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics performance, evaluation of compassion-based treatments and general support for insurance and health policy decisions. First in Hungary, we developed a complex computerized case management, data collection, processing, and analysis program (OncoGenomic) and a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) precision medicine decision support application (Oncompass Calculator) that organize basic research (R), applied research and development (R and D) and innovation (I) under a common umbrella. These progams support the national dynamic hematologic disease registry. Exchange of data through the Electronic Health Service Space (EESZT) supports equal opportunity access of patients to innovative diagnostics and therapy.

Vályi-Nagy István, Peták István