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In Academic radiology ; h5-index 0.0

Blockchain, the underlying technology for Bitcoin, is a distributed digital ledger technology that enables record verification by many independent parties rather than a centralized authority, therefore making it more difficult to tamper with the data. This emerging technology has the potential to enhance various authentication and verification processes in image sharing and data security. It has the potential to promote patient-centered healthcare by giving greater control to patients over their own data. Blockchain can also be utilized for administrative tasks, such as credentialing, claims adjudication, and billing management. It can also be utilized to enhance software supporting research and clinical trials. Blockchain complements artificial intelligence (AI) and these can work synergistically to create better solutions. Although many challenges exist for increased adoption of blockchain within radiology and healthcare in general, it can play a major role in our practice and consequently, it is important for medical imaging professionals to become familiar with the technology.

Abdullah Selwan, Rothenberg Steven, Siegel Eliot, Kim Woojin


Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Machine learning, Radiology