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In Academic radiology ; h5-index 0.0

As the first step in image interpretation is detection, an error in perception can prematurely end the diagnostic process leading to missed diagnoses. Because perceptual errors of this sort-"failure to detect"-are the most common interpretive error (and cause of litigation) in radiology, understanding the nature of perceptual expertise is essential in decreasing radiology's long-standing error rates. In this article, we review what constitutes a perceptual error, the existing models of radiologic image perception, the development of perceptual expertise and how it can be tested, perceptual learning methods in training radiologists, and why understanding perceptual expertise is still relevant in the era of artificial intelligence. Adding targeted interventions, such as perceptual learning, to existing teaching practices, has the potential to enhance expertise and reduce medical error.

Waite Stephen, Farooq Zerwa, Grigorian Arkadij, Sistrom Christopher, Kolla Srinivas, Mancuso Anthony, Martinez-Conde Susana, Alexander Robert G, Kantor Alan, Macknik Stephen L


Artificial intelligence, Attention, Expertise, Gist, Holistic processing, Perceptual learning, Radiology, Visual perception, Visual search