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In Artificial intelligence in medicine ; h5-index 34.0

Similarity plays a significant implicit or explicit role in various fields. In some real applications in decision making, similarity may bring counterintuitive outcomes from the decision maker's standpoint. Therefore, in this research, we propose some novel similarity measures for bipolar and interval-valued bipolar neutrosophic set such as the cosine similarity measures and weighted cosine similarity measures. The propositions of these similarity measures are examined, and two multi-attribute decision making techniques are presented based on proposed measures. For verifying the feasibility of proposed measures, two numerical examples are presented in comparison with the related methods for demonstrating the practicality of the proposed method. Finally, we applied the proposed measures of similarity for diagnosing bipolar disorder diseases.

Abdel-Basset Mohamed, Mohamed Mai, Elhoseny Mohamed, Son Le Hoang, Chiclana Francisco, Zaied Abd El-Nasser H


Bipolar, Bipolar disorder diseases, Cosine similarity measure, Multi-attribute decision making