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In Journal of genetic counseling ; h5-index 0.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have a long history, with increasing presence and potential in society and medicine. Much of the medical literature is highly optimistic about AI and machine learning, but fears also exist that healthcare professionals will be replaced by machines. AI remains mysterious for many practitioners, so this paper aims to unwind both hype and fear related to the technology for genetics professionals. After an historical introduction to AI in understandable and practical terms, we review its limitations. Building upon this foundation, we discuss current AI applications in medicine, including genomics and genetic counseling, offering grounded ideas about the impact and role of AI in genetic counseling and delivery of genetic services. Since AI is already being used in genomics today, now is the time to fundamentally understand what it is, how it is being used, what its limitations are, and how it will continue to be integrated into genetics as we look ahead.

Kearney Elizabeth, Wojcik Antonina, Babu Deepti


access, artificial intelligence, genetic counseling, genetic counselors, genetic services, genomics, machine learning, medicine, service delivery models