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In ACS nano ; h5-index 203.0

Fabrication of human-like intelligent tactile sensors is an intriguing and challenge for developing human-machine interfaces. As inspired by somatosensory signal generation and neuroplasticity-based signal processing, intelligent neuromorphic tactile sensors with learning and memory based on principle of triboelectric nanogenerator are demonstrated. The tactile sensors can actively produce signals with various amplitudes on the basis of the history of pressure stimulations because of their capacity to mimic neuromorphic functions of synaptic potentiation, memory, and forgetting. The time over which these tactile sensors can retain the memorized information is alterable, enabling cascaded devices to have a multilevel forgetting process and to memorize a rich amount of information. Furthermore, smart fingers by using the tactile sensors are constructed to record a rich amount of information related to the fingers' current actions and previous actions. This intelligent active tactile sensor can be used as a functional element for artificial intelligence.

Wu Chaoxing, Kim Tae Whan, Park Jae Hyeon, Koo Bonmin, Sung Sihyun, Shao Jiajia, Zhang Chi, Wang Zhong Lin