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In Der Pathologe ; h5-index 0.0

Radiomics deals with the statistical analysis of radiologic image data. In this article, radiomics is introduced and some of its applications are presented. In particular, an example is used to demonstrate that pathology and radiology can work together for better diagnoses. There is no denying that artificial intelligence will find its place in radiology (and pathology). Deep learning in particular will increasingly find applications. However, the impact on clinical routine is more long term and probably gradual, so AI will initially only be used in the form of specialized tools to support everyday clinical practice until methods and programs improve to the extent that AI can also take on more general diagnoses. However, this will not replace pathologists and radiologists in the long term, but rather turn them into "information specialists" who interpret the results obtained and integrate them into clinical contours.

Demircio─člu A


Artificial intelligence, Computer-assisted radiographic image interpretation, Machine learning, Pathology, Radiology