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In Journal of healthcare informatics research ; h5-index 0.0

Postsurgical complications (PSCs) are known as a deviation from the normal postsurgical course and categorized by severity and treatment requirements. Surgical site infection (SSI) is one of major PSCs and the most common healthcare-associated infection, resulting in increased length of hospital stay and cost. In this work, we proposed an automated way to generate keyword features using sublanguage analysis with heuristics to detect SSI from cohort in clinical notes and evaluated these keywords with medical experts. To further valid our approach, we also applied different machine learning algorithms on cohort using automatically generated keywords. The results showed that our approach was able to identify SSI keywords from clinical narratives and can be used as a foundation to develop an information extraction system or support search-based natural language processing (NLP) approaches by augmenting search queries.

Shen Feichen, Larson David W, Naessens James M, Habermann Elizabeth B, Liu Hongfang, Sohn Sunghwan


feature generation, machine learning, natural language processing, postsurgical complication