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In Journal of medical systems ; h5-index 48.0

Lung cancer is considered as a deadliest disease worldwide due to which 1.76 million deaths occurred in the year 2018. Keeping in view its dreadful effect on humans, cancer detection at a premature stage is a more significant requirement to reduce the probability of mortality rate. This manuscript depicts an approach of finding lung nodule at an initial stage that comprises of three major phases: (1) lung nodule segmentation using Otsu threshold followed by morphological operation; (2) extraction of geometrical, texture and deep learning features for selecting optimal features; (3) The optimal features are fused serially for classification of lung nodule into two categories that is malignant and benign. The lung image database consortium image database resource initiative (LIDC-IDRI) is used for experimentation. The experimental outcomes show better performance of presented approach as compared with the existing methods.

Saba Tanzila, Sameh Ahmed, Khan Fatima, Shad Shafqat Ali, Sharif Muhammad


Benign, Cells, SVM, Texture, VGG 19