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In World neurosurgery ; h5-index 47.0

Bibliometric analysis shows that Neuroendoscopy (NE) overcame its pioneering phase in the late 80s, and became a significant technological and clinical innovation in the early 90s. During those years the CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) digital videocameras were introduced and videoendoscopy had its decisive breakthrough, laying the foundation for NE take-off. NE can be considered an early product of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as much as Neuroimaging and Neuronavigation. In Italy cerebral NE started in 1993 and, despite a couple of years of relative delay, gained ground rapidly thanks also to the personal contribution of Michelangelo Gangemi (1949-2017), to whose memory this article is dedicated. In this article we try to re-enact the history of Italian NE through original documents and other testimonials, in context of the general worldwide development of NE. The modality of its rapid diffusion throughout our peninsula seems a good paradigm of how cooperation without unnecessary competition can be rewarding and constructive.

Longatti Pierluigi, Fiorindi Alessandro, Bruscella Sara, Cappabianca Paolo


cerebral endoscopy, hydrocephalus, neuroendoscopy, neurosurgical history, technical development, third ventriculostomy