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In Journal of digital imaging ; h5-index 0.0

As resources in the healthcare environment continue to wane, leaders are seeking ways to continue to provide quality care bounded by the constraints of a reduced budget. This manuscript synthesizes the experience from a number of institutions to provide the healthcare leadership with an understanding of the value of an enterprise imaging program. The value of such a program extends across the entire health system. It leads to operational efficiencies through infrastructure and application consolidation and the creation of focused support capabilities with increased depth of skill. An enterprise imaging program provides a centralized foundation for all phases of image management from every image-producing specialty. Through centralization, standardized image exchange functions can be provided to all image producers. Telehealth services can be more tightly integrated into the electronic medical record. Mobile platforms can be utilized for image viewing and sharing by patients and providers. Mobile tools can also be utilized for image upload directly into the centralized image repository. Governance and data standards are more easily distributed, setting the stage for artificial intelligence and data analytics. Increased exposure to all image producers provides opportunities for cybersecurity optimization and increased awareness.

Petersilge Cheryl A


Cybersecurity, Digital transformation, Enterprise imaging, Operational effectiveness, Strategy, Value-based care