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In Yi chuan = Hereditas

Development of high-throughput sequencing stimulates a series of microbiome technologies, such as amplicon sequencing, metagenome, metatranscriptome, which have rapidly promoted microbiome research. Microbiome data analysis involves a lot of basic knowledge, software and databases, and it is difficult for peers to learn and select proper methods. This review systematically outlines the basic ideas of microbiome data analysis and the basic knowledge required to conduct analysis. In addition, it summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used software and databases used in the comparison, visualization, network, evolution, machine learning and association analysis. This review aims to provide a convenient and flexible guide for selecting analytical tools and suitable databases for mining the biological significance of microbiome data.

Liu Yongxin, Qin Yuan, Guo Xiao-Xuan, Bai Yang