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In The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology

Meiotic crossovers facilitate chromosome segregation and create new combinations of alleles in gametes. Crossover frequency varies along chromosomes and crossover interference limits the coincidence of closely spaced crossovers. Crossovers can be measured by observing the inheritance of linked transgenes expressing different colors of fluorescent protein in Arabidopsis pollen tetrads. Here we establish DeepTetrad, a deep learning-based image recognition package for pollen tetrad analysis that enables high-throughput measurements of crossover frequency and interference in individual plants. DeepTetrad will accelerate genetic dissection of mechanisms that control meiotic recombination.

Lim Eun-Cheon, Kim Jaeil, Park Jihye, Kim Eun-Jung, Kim Juhyun, Park Yeong Mi, Cho Hyun Seob, Byun Dohwan, Henderson Ian R, Copenhaver Gregory P, Hwang Ildoo, Choi Kyuha


crossover, deep learning, fluorescent-tagged line, interference, meiosis, pollen tetrad analysis