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In Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE

With the development of the smart manufacturing, data-driven fault diagnosis has receiving more and more attentions from both academic and engineering fields. As one of the most important data-driven fault diagnosis method, deep learning (DL) has achieved remarkable applications. However, the DL based fault diagnosis methods still have the following two drawbacks: 1) One of the most major branch of deep learning is to construct the deeper structures, however the deep learning models in fault diagnosis is very shadow. 2) As stated by the no-free-lunch theorem, no single model can perform best on every dataset, and the individual deep learning model still suffers from the generalization ability. In this research, a new negative correlation ensemble transfer learning method (NCTE) is proposed. Firstly, the transfer learning based ResNet-50 is proposed to construct a deep learning structure that has 50 layers. Secondly, several fully-connected layers and softmax classifiers are trained cooperatively using negative correlation learning (NCL). Thirdly, the hyper-parameters of the proposed NCTE are determined by cross validation. The proposed NCTE is conducted on the KAT Bearing Dataset, and the prediction accuracy of NCTE is as high as 98.73%. This results show that NCTE has achieved a good results compared with other machine learning and deep learning method.

Wen Long, Gao Liang, Dong Yan, Zhu Zheng


convolutional neural network, ensemble learning, fault diagnosis, negative correlation learning, transfer learning