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In Journal of public health policy

We undertook this study in light of an uncontrolled rise of melanoma incidence and mortality rates in the United Kingdom (UK). We aim to assess the effectiveness of prevention and early melanoma diagnosis in the UK's National Health Service (NHS) in comparison to the Australian system that has limited the melanoma rise. We compare the prevention campaigns against skin cancer and the stage at which melanoma is diagnosed. We analyse key drivers of early diagnosis. Overall, Australia has performed better than the UK and provides an example for the UK's NHS for better preventing melanoma and diagnosing it. Technologies under development, such as tele-dermatology and artificial intelligence applications, could aid in making melanoma early diagnosis easier, more cost-efficient, and lessen the burden on health systems. Diagnoses also provide the data to help public health officials target prevention programs.

Papachristou Ioannis, Bosanquet Nick


Early diagnosis, Melanoma, National prevention